Brother Ali

Brother Ali

SA-ROC, DJ Last Word, Sol Messiah

Tue Oct 24

7:00 pm

Club Congress

Tucson, AZ

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Brother Ali
Brother Ali
I've lived and loved the culture of Hip Hop since I was in grade school, 1985. I use to study and memorize the greats like Melle Mell, Slick Rick and Whoodini. When KRS-One, Rakim and Public Enemy came out in the late 80's it blew my mind. I started writing and recording my own songs in Jr. High. By High School I was battling in cyphers everywhere I went and rockin' school dances.

I met the Rhymesayers crew in the late 90's and learned the next level of DIY music. Ant and I started working together in '02. We made Shadows On The Sun and I started touring in support of Atmosphere (my label-mates and big brothers).

We toured constantly for the next few years with comrades like Brand Nubian, Immortal Technique and Rakim. The Champion EP dropped in 04 and we kept it moving.

Our last major release was The Undisputed Truth in Spring of '07. I had a great couple of years because of that record. My crew and I did our first headlining tours in the US, Canada and Australia. I was featured in The Source Magazine's "Hip Hop Quotable" and Rolling Stone's "Artist To Watch" columns. I played on TV a few times including Late Night with Conan O'Brien (Mint Condition backed me up for that one). I did a US tour with Rakim and Ghostface Killah of Wu-Tang Clan. I was also blessed to tour Europe and Australia several more times with Atmosphere.

This past March we released the final chapter in the Undisputed Truth movement. "The Truth Is Here EP/DVD is a collection of music that ANT and I made during the few precious breaks we had from our tour schedule. The DVD is my sold-out homecoming show from The Undisputed Truth Tour.

Ant and I just released our latest full-length album "Us". Whereas my last projects have been strictly autobiographical, this album opens the lens to showcase the amazing and sometimes tragic lives of my friends and loved-ones who have shaped me as a man. I hope that by illustrating these stories that are so dear to my heart, I might shed some light on how similar we all really are. Society makes us think we're in different worlds because of our race, religion, class, sex etc. I tried to make something that shows how alike we really are.
DJ Last Word
DJ LAST WORD may not be a household name, but he's earned respect for his work producing and live mixing for local rappers like Dialogue Elevators, Ernie Rhodes, and more. He's been spinning since 2000, getting his start at former Dinkytown sandwich shop/music venue Bon Appetit.

Decider: What was the first record you bought?
Last Word: Soul Sides' record with DJ Shadow, I think.
D: What's the best thing you've ever mixed?
LW: For a couple years I've been doing this mix of Punjabi MC's "Beware Of The Boys" into TI's "Bring Em Out." I'll do a long mix with the instrumental version of the Punjabi MC track. The first 32 bars are just a loop of the sample they use, and then when it breaks down the bass line, it sounds like the Knight Rider theme song. And when it breaks down, I drop the TI. It always works really well.
D: Is there anything you won't ever play?
LW: I don't think so, necessarily. I think it comes down to the show that you're playing—low-key night or a party. If it's a low-key night and someone requests a weird party song, I'll probably say, "Sorry, not tonight." I would never say no, but I'm sure there's records I've heard that I'm like, "nah, I'll never play that." It happens more than you think, but I don't think I'd ever say no. More often someone will request something I've never even heard of.
Sol Messiah
Sol Messiah
Venue Information:
Club Congress
311 E. Congress St.
Tucson, AZ, 85701