Thu Jun 29

7:00 pm


Chandler, AZ

Sold Out

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It doesn't necessarily matter where you're from or where you're at, when you're always on the run (word to N.OR.E, Tony Starks, and Paul McCartney.). Creative artists invariably re-combine old palettes to create new shades. Russ is a 21-year old rapper and producer from Alpharetta, Georgia with a uniquely cross-faded style: one as informed by The Beatles as The Beatnuts. G-Unit and Jim Morrison passing blunts
within the same circle It's the eclecticism expected from someone who grew up everywhere: New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Kentucky and Ohio. When he was a teenager, his family eventually settled 20 miles outside of Atlanta.
Around the same time, he started making beats. Towards the end of high school, he picked up a mic. He taught himself to play the piano, guitar, and drums.

The member of the Diemon crew writes melodies that always stick, the flows are unpredictable and passionate, and his voice has a scraped-raw quality that's immediately distinctive. He's a brilliant searcher who refuses boundaries.
Venue Information:
5700 W North Loop Rd
Chandler, AZ, 85226